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Bakery Products – New Way For Business Opportunities

Bakery Industry: India is the biggest of the food businesses with an annual turnover of over Rs. 3000 crores since the year 2003. India requires the pride in being the second largest producer of cookies after the USA. By reading this article you can get the best details about Australian Bakeries, Bakery Melbourne and Wholesale Bakery.

Bakery Products - New Way For Business Opportunities

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Amongst them, states such as Maharashtra and West Bengal can boast of a large number of bakery units. "Biscuits" have emerged to be the king of all of the bakery products with almost 55 percent of consumption only in the rural industry alone.

B2B Trading Organizations

Producers: Suppliers and manufacturers across India and the planet are getting together to take this business to high levels of success and gain. There are various regional manufacturers and suppliers that help in producing the successful network to serve the end users.

Bakery Product Interactions: Aside from the above mentioned Indian organizations there exist certain international associations too which form an umbrella for the many B2B channels. They are:-

BEMA (Bakery Equipments Manufacturers Association):

BEMA was made to understand the need to provide consumers with the best quality services and products at the lowest possible cost since 1918.

BEMA is a global, non-profit trade association representing leading food and bakery equipment manufacturers and suppliers.

BEMA offers many different membership benefits and services aimed at assisting members to enhance their business operations and keep abreast of business activities.

Aside from the company opportunities, BEMA supports the industry through funding scholarships and education in this direction.  


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