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Will an Ozone Generator Remove Mold?

Whenever you find out that you have mold in your home, it can be a pretty worrying experience. There are many ways that mold can affect your health for you, your family, and even your pets. Mold remediation is necessary, but an ozone generator is something you can use in your home.

While it won’t remove the mold by itself, it can cut down on the discomfort you might feel from the mold. The mold spores and mycotoxins are what cause the sickness when it comes to mold. The benefits of an ozone generator extend to keeping away these mold spores and mycotoxins by purifying your air.

Another thing that an ozone generator will do is keep mold from spreading onto other surfaces. While it won’t keep it from spreading along the original surface, it won’t appear on new surfaces. A mold remediation service is necessary unless you can replace drywall or bleach surfaces that have the mold on it.

Either way, an ozone generator will not only get rid of those mold spores from the air, but it will get rid of that smell as well. The smell of mold is unique and people will know if you have it in your home, so getting ozone in the home will be a good thing. Never try to run it while you’re in the same room, though. Seal it off and let it run for 3-6 hours, but ozone is dangerous to humans.


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