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Closing Your Pool In Winter With The Help Of Pool Cover

At the end of the swimming season, it’s wise to stick to this closing down process, to protect your pool and its equipment, and to make it easier to open in the Spring.

Winterization Procedure

1. Eliminate your automatic pool cover to protect from frost and ice. Wash off thoroughly, roll or fold up, and store in a clean, dry location. Solar covers are vulnerable to attack from contamination, therefore, a cover should be washed off before storing for winter. Any reels should be moved inside if possible, if not, fitting a Reel Storage Cover will provide some protection.

2. Use a pool brush to clean all surfaces of the pool and remove any dirt and debris, like leaves, by skimming with a web, and then eventually vacuum the pool. Dirt left in the water is a frequent reason for algae growth. To prevent this, make sure it’s removed now.

 automatic pool covers

3. Adjust the pH to between 7.2 and 7.6 and dose using Chlorine Shock Granules. The efficacy of chlorine could be vastly reduced if the pH is out of range. A fantastic dose of chlorine at the end of the summer will help to avoid algae growth during the close down period.

4. Next make certain to add a right dose of Wintering Algaecide, to keep the water clean over the Winter. Use a longer life a typical algaecide. The longer life is simply dosed once, but is more costly, whereas the standard has to be added every 2 weeks. You have to use a professional Winter Algaecide, instead of a summer one, which does not include any flocculant.


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