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Great Ways to Stay Cool during Summer


Spending summer without an AC sounds tough. Tossing on the bed, sticky room, awful smell and many other irritating things can cause a difficult time during summer. But with small changes and without an AC, it is still possible to enjoy the season with these tips.

  1. Use cotton sheets – For better nights, avoid using silk or linen sheets. Instead, use cotton sheets, as they provide ventilation and easier to breathe environment.
  2. Buy a hot water bottle – This may sound unusual, but a hot water bottle does help. Just fill it up with water and put it in the freezer. While sleeping, use it as a source of ice-pack.
  3. Put sheets in the fridge or freezer – This is another unusual tip, but helpful. For a few minutes, put the sheets inside the fridge before going to bed. It may be just for a short duration, but it will keep your body cool and relaxed.
  4. Relax your pulses – Use ice packs and apply on pulse joints like neck, ankles, knees, groin and elbows.
  5. Take a cold shower before sleeping – Taking a cold shower brings down your body temperature. This will make you feel fresh and help you sleep.
  6. Wear board shorts –There are many types of board shorts which are not only stylish but also very soft, comfortable, and cool to wear. If you’re someone on the heavier side then wear men’s board shorts size 40 as they will be loose and comfy.

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