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Wine Cellar Cooling Systems

Wine storage choices include a single wine chiller, a cooler, a fridge, a thermoelectric cooler or a double cooler. A double zone cooler will be able to help you keep both white and red wines in their temperatures that are required without affecting either sort of the wine being saved.

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The wine cooler is split into two compartments from the control panel. Every one of the 2 compartments has its own thermostat, allowing the owner to place the temperature for every individual compartment dependent on the wine being saved. If you are looking for top quality wine racks at reasonable prices then choose paprowinecellars.

A double cooler is the best appliance for somebody who hosts lots of dinner parties which contain wine with the meals being served. It’s almost always a classy move to pull both a white and red wine out of your double zone cooler and extend a glass of wine into a guest.

If you’re thinking about buying a double zone cooler, then you could spend anywhere from $300-$1,500 for a cooler, together with the average money spent arriving in right around $800.

The cost is dependent upon how many bottles of wine the cooler may hold, the manufacturer of this cooler, and the company where you buy the cooler. If you’re tight on space in your house, a twelve bottle double wine cooler will probably be ideal for your property.

A twelve-bottle wine cooler with double zones can be put on your kitchen countertops, your dining room buffet machine, a dining table in the living area or some other room in your house because it’s really tiny.

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