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Cities You Should Visit If You Are Travelling To Russia

In case you haven’t seen Russia, then you’re passing up a really substantial item of history, culture, and beauty. The nation that’s been in the news because of its own bold political initiatives was gaining popularity among tourists who’ve been pouring into the nation following the collapse of the USSR.

If you are arranging a trip, here are the top five cities that you want to see.

St Petersburg – “Venice of the north”

The enchanting town was called the jewel at Russia’s imperial crown. Until 1917, St Petersburg was in which the aristocrat tsars ruled over the nation. Made with a set of canals, the town is surrounded with refined baroque bridges and magnificent palaces. For vacationers with a fascination with history, the winter palace is the place to be. House to the tsars, it houses the world’s most famous hermitage collection.

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Yekaterinburg or Yekaterinburg – a city of the Romanovs

This Asian Russian town is home to the traditional and the modern. Tourists will appreciate the sight of traditional orthodox churches; while at exactly the exact same time investigate the architectural design of this “new universe” that, interestingly, strove to ruin these very churches. A couple of km from town and you’re able to stand to the Europe-Asia boundary markers.  You can visit the given link for the all detailed information about hotels in Russia: Hotel Deals in Russia | Russian Visa Support Invitations.


In the canals of St Petersburg, Moscow is quite the comparison. The city’s broad avenues and Soviet structures all signify Stalin’s rein style. Including the Lenin Russian state library and Stalin skyscrapers. For vacationers, nevertheless, the very first go-to location is that the Kremlin and red square. The magnificent expanse of this place and the history throw a spell on travelers.

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