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How to Choose the Right Vacation Rental

An Overview of Things to be Analyzed to Locate the Right Vacation Rental

Planning a stay at boutique vacation rentals will provide you the opportunity to relax and enjoy your vacation trip. However, this will only be possible when you choose the right vacation rental for your trip. As such, the details we will be sharing in following sections will help you select the right vacation rental and have a memorable trip with your family.

Things to be Checked to Locate the Right Vacation Rental

By checking details about things like deposit money, damage waiver and similar other details you will be able to plan your vacation in right manner. Let us go through all the details here.

Deposit Money

boutique vacation rentalsDuring your search for boutique vacation rentals what you will have to do is get clear information regarding deposit money that is to be paid. In addition to it, you should also have clear information about few of the other details like:
  • What are the rules for getting the refund back?
  • When will you owe deposit money?
  • Are there any situations where the owner will have the right to withhold deposit money?

Damage Waiver

Many of the boutique vacation rentals provide damage waiver and it will be important to check whether rental you have selected also provides this facility.
But, what is meant by damage waiver? Well, it is one form of a fee (non-refundable) that helps in protecting the vacationer from applicable charges if vacation rental gets accidentally damaged. Moreover, you will have to find out the limit for this type of damage waiver, as for instance, damage taking place up to a maximum limit of $5,000.

Pets on Vacation Trip

Many of the boutique vacation rentals allow pets and your job will be to find those rentals. Additionally, you should inquire about the cleaning fee that the rental plans to charge. Lastly, you need to be aware of the fact that many boutique vacation rentals let you bring in your pets but put a restriction that pet must remain outside.  You will have to examine if you will be ok with such rule and what if the rule is broken (For instance, some rentals may well forfeit the deposit money). So, this is an important point that you need to look into while searching for boutique vacation rentals.

Duration of Stay

Some vacation rentals also specify the minimum duration that the rental needs to be booked for. As for example, in peak seasons or holidays, some boutique vacation rentals may put a stipulation that you need to book a vacation rental for a specific duration of time, like, for two weeks. But, if you have planned a short trip, say of 4 days then you will have to decide which option will be better, stay in a vacation rental or a hotel. In a vacation rental, you will have to book for a minimum time period (as specified by the rental property) and then leave after 4 days. If you do the math you will find that cost would nearly same as what you will have to pay for a 4-day hotel stay.

The Bottom Line

From the above details, it is clear that there are different aspects to be analyzed and you will be able to fully enjoy your vacation trip by keeping note of these aspects.

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